Sharon was born in the market town of Skipton known as the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales, spent her teenage years growing up in Lancashire, but has lived in the coastal town of Southport for the past 30 years


The sources that have inspired Sharon’s artworks originate from observations, captured moments, recollections of time and place, fragments of memory and traces of what is left behind.


Artworks have been developed around the idea of the construction and re-construction of narratives remembered and sometimes invented; whispers of a forgotten history; a history inspired by collections of photographs of family, friends and strangers; a history of time and place. These pieces combine surface qualities with images and objects that evoke personal reflections, remembrance of times past, recollections of people and places, and often memories which were once significant but have over time become lost or forgotten.


Other artworks are intended as a celebration of the natural changes and inherent qualities of landscape.

‘I frequently walk along the Sefton coastline and regularly visit Cumbria.  These environments inspire and provide a source of ideas. Each environment presents unique characteristics with tides that rise and fall leaving their mark on marshes and sand hills, and rural landscapes that are rich in texture and colour, or brisk and raw in appearance. The journeys I make are recorded through photography, and the selection and collection of natural detritus that reflects the qualities of the landscape. These fragments are kept in remembrance of time and place. I aim to draw attention to the finer details of the landscape and present them as relics that have survived the passage of time. Objects are layered to reflect the manner in which the landscape reveals and conceals itself and are assembled to highlight the precious nature of each selected subject within a composition of related fragments'.

The working process for the artworks incorporates the arrangement of collage, painting and image transfers from photographs and inkjet prints. These mixed media artworks explore surface, colour and the juxtaposition of image, text and found objects.

Digital prints are developed through the manipulation of selected images from the mixed media pieces.

Sharon is currently a member of Southport Contemporary Arts -

and an associate member at Cross Street Arts, Standish -


The Arthouse - Autumn Open Exhibition 2021

The Atkinson - Sefton Palette Club 2021

The Arthouse Gallery - Spring Open Exhibition 2021

The Atkinson - Sefton Exhibition 2021

The Virtual Art Fair (Fourth Edition) 2021

The Eden Gallery - Perception 2020 /2021

The Arthouse Gallery - Summer Exhibition 2020

Cross Street Arts - Change 2020

The Atkinson - Sefton Exhibition  2020

The Virtual Art Fair (Third Edition) 2020

Cross Street Arts - Fragments 2020

Cross Street Arts - Inside 2020


World Of Glass – Under The Weather 2019

The Arthouse Gallery – Autumn Open Exhibition 2019

The Atkinson - All That Is Left Behind - Solo Exhibition 2019

The Atkinson - Sefton Exhibition 2019

The Old Courts - Wigan Open Exhibition 2018
The Arthouse Gallery - Autumn Exhibition 2018
Chapel Gallery - West Lancashire  2018
King Street Studios - LA Summer Exhibition 2018
The Arthouse Gallery - Arts Festival 2018
The Atkinson - Sefton Exhibition 2018
King Street Studios - Something Called Home 2018

Lancashire Makers  2017
Cross Street Arts Gallery - Open Studios 2017
The Atkinson - Cross Street Arts 2017
Cross Street Arts Gallery - Placement and Process 2017


Cross Street Arts Gallery - Open Studios 2016
New Art Spaces - ‘V S’ 2016
The Arthouse Gallery - Symposium 2016
The Old Courts - Wigan Arts Festival 2016
Chapel Gallery - West Lancashire  2016
Waterfront Arts Project - Beyond the Obvious 2016
Cross Street Arts Gallery - Migrate 2016
The Arthouse Gallery - Coastal Spirit - Sense of Place -  Solo Exhibition 2016

The Atkinson poster.jpg

The Atkinson 2019


 The Arthouse 2016