During her solo exhibition at The Atkinson Gallery and Museum in 2019, Sharon was offered a commission from Mersey Care NHS to create artwork to be installed in the newly built hospital for mental health in Southport.

Hartley Hospital combines local mental health inpatient care and related community services. There are 40 bedrooms and patients have access to inner garden courtyards, therapy and activity areas. There is also a short-term assessment suite, on-site café for patients, visitors and staff, a family visiting room, sacred space, gym and outpatient services.

Sharon created two artworks on canvas 120cm x 50cm to be placed in the family visiting area of the hospital.  The works produced were created in response to the planned internal areas of the hospital which were to reflect qualities that connect it to the Sefton coastline.

In conjunction with the production of the two artworks, Sharon also led a number of workshop activities over a two month period engaging with Sefton Young Carers from the area. During the workshops the children created paintings, developed ideas for printed t-shirt designs, and produced decorative boxes.

Porcelain Earth.jpg

Porcelain Earth

120cm x 50cm

mixed media on canvas - collage papers, canvas fabric, threads, ink pen drawing, photograph transfers, glass bottles, acrylic paint, found natural objects from Sefton coastline.

‘Porcelain Earth’ is an observation of our local landscape and intends to draw attention to the finer details and the importance of being aware of the fragile beauty that surrounds us. More often than not, the smallest details create the bigger picture.


‘Porcelain Earth’ is a visual document of a location, a sense of place.

The Light is Your Own.jpg

'The Light Is Your Own

120cm x 50cm

mixed media on canvas - collage papers, canvas fabric, photograph transfers, glass bottles, ink pen drawing, acrylic paint, found natural detritus from the coastline.

The Light is Your Own' intends to reflect the distinctive and dramatic qualities viewed during the late autumn months; impressive and vivid skies with intensity of colour – streaks of deep crimson, tangerine and gold; marshes and dunes where the surging tides have left behind a brisk and raw terrain.


Words and phrases taken from poems produced by children from the Sefton Young Carers were combined to create the poetry incorporated in the artwork. 


I see the galloping raven horses

along the shore,

where sprites echo a sound like wind chimes.


The pull of water and warm sand beneath my feet.


Above clouds.


Will I ever see beyond this world that confines me?


To soar weightless,

Through the skies.


To leave behind,

To be free.